William Whiteley & Sons Enhances Global Digital Presence with Specialised Training Programme

William Whiteley & Sons Enhances Global Digital Presence with Specialised Training Programme

William Whiteley & Sons, recognised for their exceptional craftsmanship and heritage spanning eleven generations, announces a strategic training initiative to bolster their digital marketing and social media presence. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, the company has continually evolved to develop cutting solutions to match the latest materials in automotive, aerospace and many other industries.

Boasting a repertoire of over 250 meticulously crafted scissor designs, each tailored to address specific cutting challenges, Whiteley’s remains dedicated to its traditional hand-made production process. Every scissor is meticulously assembled and tested by skilled craftsmen, preserving techniques refined over centuries.

In response to the evolving digital landscape, Whiteley’s has embarked on a journey to expand its online reach and engage further with a global audience. Working with specialist Digital Marketing and Social Media Training company, SocialB, the company has implemented a tailored training programme aligned with its growth objectives.

Jade Shemwell, Sales Accounts & Marketing Manager at Whiteley’s, is enthusiastic about the training initiative, stating, “The programme has been invaluable in enhancing our capabilities to drive website traffic, elevate brand visibility, and convert online visitors into paying customers.”

“Whiteley’s has an amazing heritage story and half of our current sales are international.  We want all the up-date knowledge and expertise to be able to educate and inspire new customers globally as well as increase loyalty, referrals and repeat purchases.”

Acknowledging the importance of continuous skill development, Whiteley’s seized the opportunity to leverage funding from South Yorkshire Skills Bank. The funding supported the company to invest in training initiatives that foster commercial expansion and operational resilience.

Commenting on the grant, Vernon Tolson, Skills Advisor at the South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority, remarked, “We are delighted to provide financial support to Whiteley’s for their digital marketing and social media training. The Skills Bank grant underscores SYMCA’s commitment to empowering businesses to invest in training and in the case of Whiteley’s, to help them reach new markets and amplify their product offerings through digital channels.”

The Skills Bank Programme has been extended until 2025 by the South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority. 

For further information on acquiring Skills Bank grants for training programmes planned by your business, reach out to your local Skills Advisor.

For more information about William Whiteley & Sons, visit the website: https://www.whiteley.co.uk

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