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Skills Bank Community Partners​

Skills Bank supports economic growth which positively impacts on people, places and communities.  There are many ways businesses can support communities in South Yorkshire; volunteering, sharing business expertise, posting vacancies on community platforms or offering work placements. The Skills Bank Community Partners are waiting to hear from you.

Be Well @ Work

Promoting a healthy workplace and looking after the health and wellbeing of your employees has considerable benefits for businesses. As well as reducing sickness absence and employee turnover it can lead to enhanced productivity, improved performance, and a better reputation. Be Well @ Work can help your business to benefit from happy, healthy, productive employees for free.

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Cavendish Cancer Care

At Cavendish Cancer Care we support local people living with cancer, giving them and their families the chance to talk in confidence and offer complementary therapies to help alleviate the emotional strain of cancer, the physical side effects of the illness and its treatment.
We’d make a great team. You can support us in a variety of ways. Whatever the size of your organisation, we can work together to make a positive difference to the lives of people affected by cancer. Whether you’re interested in fundraising events, charity of the year, payroll giving or a personalised corporate partnership check out website or contact Kirsty White on

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Sheffield Business Together

Sheffield Business Together brokers volunteering opportunities to connect businesses with charities and schools to help address some of the key challenges in the city, so we would love to partner on this.  We already have hundreds of charities and businesses in the network and work closely with 16 schools and colleges in areas of low social mobility and high deprivation.

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Sheffield Occupational Health Advisory Service

Sheffield Occupational Health Advisory Service has been supporting people in Sheffield to manage their health and work issues through our one-to-one advice service since 1980.

We also work with employers across South Yorkshire to provide a non-medical occupational health assessment for staff where they are struggling to return to work.

This is how it works:

  • The employer fills in a form to provide an outline the issues they see from their perspective that may have caused the sickness absence and what may be the barriers preventing a return to work or be causing problems at work. 
  • A SOHAS adviser will contact the employee and  will use the referral form as a guide to ask the employee about their views on their health and work, and write a report and give some recommendations that will help both the employee and employer to facilitate a return to work.

The report which includes the consent of the employee to ensure it is accurate usually takes 10 working days to complete.

Please contact Sarah Cooke, the SOHAS Administrator, for more information and pricing by calling 0114 2755760.

Social Value UK

Social Value UK works with organisations to embed core principles for social value measurement and analysis, to refine and share practice, and to build a powerful movement of like-minded people to influence policy. Our goal at Social Value UK is to support and connect organisations through training, knowledge-sharing and networking. Social Value UK is much more than a professional network. Together, we are building a movement for change.

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Supported Employment Service (BMBC)

Supported Employment Service provides an alternative recruitment source for employers with the support of BMBC. We have a caseload of motivated individuals eager to secure employment. We work with employers to promote modified recruitment methods and carve niche job roles to allow people to secure their desired job. We provide a Job Coach to support to train the individual and reduce staffing resource from each business we work with. A free to use service that can provide a saving to recruitment costs, increased retention, generate a positive informed workforce and contribute to corporate social responsibility.