The Impact of Skills Bank Funding on Target Information Systems’ Growth

The Impact of Skills Bank Funding on Target Information Systems’ Growth

Target Information Systems is a company specialising in internet software development. They offer consulting services, develop bespoke software solutions, and provide software tools to automate processes and workflows for clients.

Target, like many small businesses, faced the challenge of balancing growth aspirations with maintaining efficiency. Their goal was to attract new clients while optimising project delivery and developer productivity. They recognised that improved leadership and management skills were crucial to achieving this balance.

Target secured funding from the South Yorkshire Skills Bank to support a leadership and management training programme for four employees.

The anticipated benefits of the training program included:

  • A 10% increase in developer productivity through improved management practices.
  • Enhanced staff morale and motivation.
  • Improved project delivery times and reduced errors.
  • Increased capacity to take on new clients.

The training programme proved to be a success for Target. While a 10% increase in developer productivity was initially projected, the company reported a significant improvement exceeding this target. This was evidenced by a decrease in deployment time, suggesting a more efficient workflow.

The training’s positive impact extended beyond developer productivity. Target achieved growth in client revenue that surpassed their initial plan.

The training played a role in enabling Target to support a shift in marketing strategy, focusing on attracting larger clients with more complex projects.

The South Yorkshire Skills Bank’s funding played a critical role in supporting Target’s growth aspirations. The leadership and management training programme delivered measurable benefits, not only in terms of increased productivity but also by enabling the company to adapt its growth strategy and secure higher-value clients.

South Yorkshire Skills Bank is available for any size business in the region and is a flexible scheme that supports businesses in accessing funding towards their training requirements.

Dedicated Skills Advisors are there every step of the way to help with applying for up to 60% grant funding for training identified by business that will support growth.

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