South Yorkshire Skills Bank fuels Leighton Vans business growth with funding for sales training

South Yorkshire Skills Bank fuels Leighton Vans business growth with funding for sales training

South Yorkshire Skills Bank continues to support business development across the region, with the recent approval of funding for Leighton Vans, the UK’s premier retailer of bespoke VW sports vans. This funding was earmarked for a comprehensive sales training programme, sourced by Leighton Vans, aimed at enhancing the sales team’s performance and driving revenue growth.

From their headquarters in Rotherham, Leighton Vans is renowned for its craftsmanship in converting standard VW transporter vehicles into unique Leighton-branded vans, complete with exclusive external styling packs, wheels, and internal conversions. 

The company prides itself on designing and manufacturing elements that set their conversions apart from any other in the market. With a global reach, including a recent business expansion in Australia, Leighton Vans has positioned itself as a leader in the niche market of high-quality, customised sports vans.

In a strategic move to further leverage their market position, Leighton Vans chose to invest in the development of their sales team. The company has collaborated with Kennedy Ross, a specialist training provider, to deliver a tailored sales training programme. This initiative was designed to equip the sales force with proven methods and bespoke sales strategies, ultimately aiming to elevate sales performance and increase revenue.

Leighton Vans offers not only the sale of fully converted vehicles but also provides a range of services, including the sale of individual parts through their website. Their trade business extends to serving camper converters globally, enhancing their vehicles with unique Leighton styling. Additionally, the company operates Leighton Drive, a sister business offering both long-term and flexible rentals of their vehicles. The used stock from Leighton Drive becomes an additional stream of inventory for Leighton Vans.

Speaking about the significance of the sales training programme, Robert Pick, Finance Director at Leighton Vans, stated: “We identified a key opportunity to boost sales by investing in the training and development of our sales team.  Due to the way the business has grown, this is the first time we’ve had the chance to scrutinise our sales process comprehensively, and it’s evident that working with a leading sales training company to align our team’s experience, styles, and attitude will drive a more cohesive and successful sales strategy.”

The funding provided by South Yorkshire Skills Bank underscores the South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority’s commitment to fostering business growth in the region. Skills Bank supports businesses like Leighton Vans to invest in essential training programmes that contribute to the overall economic development of South Yorkshire.

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