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Working Assertively and with Confidence

This is a practical one-day course, which will leave participants feeling more confident in their ability to make themselves heard in the right way and to increase their self esteem.

This course explores the differences in character types and personal traits which participants display, and equips them with techniques and practical skills to appear more confident and get their point across in the right way.

Course programme in detail
* Understand the importance of effective communication within the workplace and recognise the triggers for certain behaviours in themselves and others.
* Identify the skills and behaviours displayed by effective communicators and the range of behaviours from submissive through to aggressive.
* Understand how to improve both self-esteem and confidence through positive thinking and actions
* Recognise non-verbal behaviours and the signals they portray.
* Give a clear description of what assertiveness is and why it is important for effective working relationships
* Identify which situations they find hardest to deal with in an assertive manner at work and techniques for dealing with them

Course outcome
To equip participants with knowledge and understanding of what assertiveness is, and how and when to use it. To explore a range of different techniques which will assist participants communicate and work more effectively with others.

Who should attend
Those who feel they need to develop skills and explore techniques to deal more confidently with others and to get their points across in the right way.

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