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Succeed as a first-time manager

In this interactive and engaging Masterclass, participants will be able to reflect and put under scrutiny their leadership behaviours and mind-sets, developing new and alternative approaches to support their personal leadership development and role as a manager, using recognised frameworks, models and practical examples.

They will also explore how to manage their time more effectively and lead team meetings successfully, including facilitating discussions and managing challenging behaviour. They will be able to transfer their learning back into the workplace easily and effectively.

Enhanced self-awareness leading to higher levels of performance. Self-awareness is defined as the ability to reflect on and accurately assess one’s own behaviours and skills as they are manifested on the job. It is an important ability for achieving leadership excellence.

Delegates will:

– Evaluate their leadership qualities against a recognised framework
– Apply self-awareness through self-reflection to their own leadership context and role as a manager
– Explore the difference between management and leadership


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