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Strategic Away Day

Successful businesses have a clear picture of the future that €˜stimulates, excites, and inspires€™. They have a clear direction and have everyone bought into it. It€™s about looking forward and, vitally, moving forward, establishing and sharing that vision and getting people €˜on board€™.
This facilitated approached help you work together as a team on the key issues facing the business and agree a clear way forward. It is clearly tailored to your business and you decide what you want to achieve from it. It€™s typically about establishing an agreed 3 year and 1 year €˜vision€™ of €˜where we want to be€™.

Key Ingredients:
€¢ Meeting to establish a clear understanding of exactly what you want to achieve from the initiative
€¢ €˜Getting to know you€™ pre-session questionnaire distributed to all participants to get their views, clarify the key issues, and prioritise the focus of the day.
€¢ A facilitated day to encourage discussion, debate, and participation with the team, working together on:
 Where Are We Now? What€™s Working / Not Working?
 Establishing €˜Our Key Factors For Success€™
 Where Are We Heading? Establishing Long Term, Medium Term, and Short Term Goals?
 Identifying clear €˜routes€™ forward in terms of what, how clear, and €˜by when€™
 Who€™s Going To Do What? Identifying and committing to actions
€¢ €˜Drafting The Plan€™ €“ we take away and compile all the notes, ideas, and actions agreed
€¢ €˜Shaping Things Up€™ €“ a facilitated half day a week or so later to €˜revisit€™ the outputs and to formally agree the way forward
€¢ The outcome is an agreed, timetabled plan that is owned by the people who developed it

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