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Project Management – The Process

This workshop focuses on the technical aspects of project management. We look at the role of the project manager in the project planning process, discuss the issues of project control and the need for robust and accurate information at key stages.

This highly practical one day course provides a good introduction to some of the techniques such as critical path analysis, network analysis and risk assessment as well as how to design control systems and monitoring progress. We also look at the identification of project tasks and how they inter-relate to each other, as well as how to create robust assessments of the time and resources required at each stage. The use of case studies and practical exercises throughout the day helps to focus on important issues and highlight learning points.

Whilst the course is designed to provide a solid introduction to the basics of project management, delegates will also be given a brief introduction to the main concepts and project stages in PRINCE 2 (Projects in controlled environments), the de-facto standard required by many major projects in the public and private sector.

What You Will Learn

To understand the recognised phases of a project and the need to alter the management/leadership balance
The importance of proper project definition and a robust business case, with review stages if appropriate
The planning process and how it applies to each stage of the project
Critical path analysis techniques and how to design reporting mechanisms to monitor progress
Network Analysis and identification of project tasks
To risk assess and prepare contingency plans based on the likely-hood/impact matrix concept
The importance of project closure and review, lessons learned and continuous improvement.

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