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Project Management – The People

This highly interactive workshop examines the importance of involving the right people in the planning process, uses tools like the power/influence matrix to determine the communication strategy and discusses ways of managing a project alongside the day job. Many managers find themselves given the responsibility for a major, strategically important project whilst having to continue to run their department.

The workshop also looks at the personal skills and attributes required to successfully lead and manage a major project. There may be the need to look at the balance between the management and leadership responsibilities of the Project Manager and the way in which these change during the life-cycle of the project.
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What You Will Learn

The importance of project definition and having a robust and appropriately reviewed business case for the project
How to ensure confirmation of people resource and how to obtain co-operation from stakeholders
What the major project management leadership and team issues are
How to construct and manage the project team
The importance of effective communication and the concept of using a power/influence matrix to determine the communication strategy
An understanding of the stakeholder motivational issues and how they can affect the project
How the Project Management role changes as the project progresses (Wideman, Farey et al) and the need to alter the management approach

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