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Opportunity Magnet

We’ll show you how to create a powerful online presence without dominating your time and resources. Discover the tools you need to become a Thought Leader in your chosen field and
what the future of social media means for the professional.
This workshop will show you how to:
¢ Control the search results in relation to your name
¢ Connect with a bigger cause that will resonate with the people you want to attract
¢ Be omnipresent on all the appropriate channels
¢ Save valuable time, yet be more active online than ever before
¢ Be a thought leader online and attract new opportunities
¢ This is a great fit for you if¦
¢ You are great at what you do, you have years of experience and people speak highly of you – however, your current online profile isn’t doing you justice and it certainly isn’t bringing you
new and exciting opportunities on a daily basis

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