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Microsoft Word – the best bits! – Open Course

This one-day course has been created to provide delegates with an understanding of some of the key features of Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word causes a lot of frustration for users, but when you attend this course you’ll understand how Word should be used and how to avoid the frustrations of using the application.

Course programme in detail
¢ Formatting Techniques*
¢ Working with Paragraphs*
¢ Bullets & Numbering
¢ Line and Section breaks*
¢ Using Tables
¢ Adding Pictures to a document
¢ Creating Forms using Word
¢ Mail Merge

*When you understand these three features in detail Word becomes a joy to use

Course outcome
On completion of this course delegates will have a good understanding of how to use some basic and more advanced features of Microsoft Word. You will be able to create simple documents and forms to be used in the workplace and be able to set up and use Mail Merge.

Who should attend
The course is designed for individuals who are presently using Word or will be using Word and wish to use it the œcorrect way to avoid the frustrations of using the application.

For further information please visit: https://www.emc-dnl.co.uk/developing-skills/it-cloud-computing2/microsoft-word-the-best-bits/

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