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Management Counselling Skills

Performance management is ultimately focused on achieving results. In order to achieve results the competent manager will recognise that there are a range of situations in the workplace which require people to help themselves to be fully functioning and overcome difficulties. Typically situations which might arise include:

People newly promoted into roles that they are finding overwhelming or difficult
Restructuring or downsizing creating damage to self-esteem, low morale and anxiety
Difficult working relationships
Harassment and bullying

In these situations the use of workplace counselling skills can support people through difficulties which might otherwise lead to poor productivity, destructive behaviours, increased levels of sickness and other costly outcomes for the organisation. During the course we will use appropriate tools, exercises and practice to develop understanding and skill while enjoying the opportunity to discuss, share and build upon collective experiences.

This course is run to suit your organisation as required.

What You Will Learn

About different types of counselling
How to make appropriate preparations for the workplace counselling interview
How to use appropriate questioning techniques
To employ active listening skills
To differentiate and use non-directive and directive counselling methodology
How to understand the €˜strategies€™ used to sabotage progress
How to facilitate goal definition

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