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Intermediate Excel – Open Course

This one-day course extends the learner’s basic knowledge of Excel and provides the learner with skills and knowledge to produce more effective and productive workbooks.

It covers formulas and function techniques, more intricate formatting, setting complex printing options, using intricate charting features, and working more effectively with existing worksheets and workbooks.

Course programme in detail
¢ Filling data
¢ Formula referencing (understanding $ in formulas)
¢ Cell alignment
¢ Finding and replacing
¢ Page setup
¢ Headers and Footers
¢ Sorting data
¢ Charting techniques
¢ Logical and lookup functions (including Vlookup)
¢ Filtering data

Course outcome
On completion of this course you should be able to use the fill operations available; understand and use absolute and relative formula referencing; sort data in a worksheet; use a range of logical and lookup functions; work with a variety of elements in a worksheet; work with more than one workbook at a time and filter large amounts of data in a table.

Who should attend
The course is designed for existing users of Excel who would like to expand their skills and knowledge and learn more of the techniques associated with creating better and more productive workbooks. This is a packed” course and due to the level of content”

Price per Learner

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