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HR for First Line Managers

The trend towards devolving HR responsibility away from a central resource in many organisations means more potential pitfalls but also creates opportunities for First Line Managers. Above all, managers need to be consistent, fair and flexible about how they treat their people. They have the greatest influence upon the way their people behave and this can result in higher levels of job satisfaction, commitment, loyalty and ultimately business success if they get it right.

Equipping the modern day First Line Manager to fulfil the €œpeople€ requirements of their role, this course primarily focuses on four areas: Attracting Talent, Employment Law, Performance Management and Discipline & Grievance procedures. It examines basic employment law principles and reviews the best practice procedure to be taken in various workplace scenarios. It also aids you in developing candidate centric recruitment processes that are easy to use, legally compliant and that will find you high performing new employees.

This practical workshop is delivered by Simone Greasley an experienced CMBD trainer and HR Practitioner (see the CMBD tutor page for her profile). She uses a combination of practical exercises and experiences, as well as tutor-led discussions, based on her vast experience in the HR world.

What You Will Learn

The core HR responsibilities and the €œdo€™s€ and €œdon€™ts€ of being a First Line Manager
About current employment legislation and the legal implications it has on your People
How to attract Talent in to your organisation
How to manage competency based interviews and select high performing candidates to join your team
How an engaging Onboarding programme can accelerate the performance of your People
Basic principles of successful Performance Management
How to positively manage Disciplinary and Grievance issues with your team (without ending up in a Tribunal!)

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