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Franchising Your Business

The training programme is divided into three main sections

Market Research Delegates will learn how to research competitive offerings and assess market demand and likely selling price for their franchise.

Developing the Business Format Franchise Delegates will learn how to prepare and develop their financial forecasts and business plans in detail for both the franchisee and their franchised business. They will then learn how to :- Develop, cost, source and deliver the franchise package; prepare a brief for a solicitor to draw up the three way franchise agreement; evaluate and implement various strategies for territory definition and key parameters for allocating prime franchise areas; learn how to develop a win win service fee arrangement; learn how to write and organise an operations manual for franchisees; learn how to deliver training to franchisees in key aspects of the business; learn how to prepare a marketing and PR launch campaign for franchisees; learn how to develop and present an ongoing sales plan and marketing plan for franchisees; learn how to manage and motivate franchisees over time.

Marketing and Recruiting Delegates will learn:- How to define the profile of an ideal franchisee – either direct or indirect as appropriate; how to prepare a sales prospectus for their franchise; how to use social media and existing contacts to create awareness amongst the relevant population of prospects; how to market their franchise directly, through PR, at exhibitions, directories and advertising. Delegates will learn how to prepare interview templates and conduct a combined recruitment and sales interview with prospective franchisees who will contribute to the future success of the business.

The objective of the training programme are:-

1. To enable business owners and senior managers (delegates) to learn about an alternative marketing strategy that can rapidly grow their business with minimal capital and reduced risk.
2. To show delegates how to evaluate and appraise the feasibility of their business being developed as a successful business format franchise
3. To enable delegates to learn how to take their business through all of the stages of developing their business into a complete franchise package
4. To show delegates how to manage a franchise business
5. To teach delegates how to present their franchise package and how to market their franchises to appropriate candidates.


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