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Foundation Excel – Open Course

This one-day course focuses on understanding how to be able to create your own spreadsheets and your own simple calculations using formulae and functions.

You will gain confidence in using the package and learn many tips, tricks and shortcuts. The course will help with design, format and printing spreadsheets using formulae and functions including Sum, Average, Min, Max and Count.

Course programme in detail
¢ Getting To know Excel
¢ Creating a new workbook
¢ Editing a workbook
¢ Selecting ranges
¢ Copying and pasting data
¢ Formulas and Functions
¢ Row and Column Formatting
¢ Number Formatting
¢ Font Formatting
¢ Page setup and printing

Course outcome
Delegates will be able to design and create their own spreadsheets.

Who should attend
Delegates with little or no experience of Excel or users who are self taught wishing to gain experience of writing formulae.

For further information please visit: https://www.emc-dnl.co.uk/developing-skills/it-cloud-computing2/foundation-excel/

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