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Finance for Non-Financial Managers

This 1-day workshop option revolves around a manufacturing scenario with each of the teams purchasing components, manufacturing motor vehicles and selling their products into the market. The exercise comprises five trading sessions over the two days with delegates learning how to compile the main financial reports at the end of each cycle. The exercise used on the course has been developed over many years and is an immersive and enjoyable activity. Many a lunch-time and coffee break has passed by as delegates refuse to stop running their €˜company€™!

Not only does the experience bring to life the facts and figures, but it also provides commercial astuteness and experience that can be translated directly into the work environment. The workshop provides delegates with a comprehensive understanding of accounting conventions, the profit and loss statement, the balance sheet and in particular, the effect that cash flow can have on a business. The old saying that €˜sales are vanity, profit is sanity but cash flow is reality€™ is brought to life over the two days of the course. A short one day version of the course is available without the business exercise.

This course is run to suit your organisation as required.

What You Will Learn

The fundamental principles and conventions that apply to accounting
How to construct and interpret the main financial reports, the balance sheet and the profit and loss statement
How to use financial ratios to benchmark performance and monitor key areas of the business
The importance of cash-flow and the need to forecast and budget in an appropriate manner. Accounts are history and should confirm what you already know. Forecasts give you the opportunity to look ahead and make changes if required
How to make business decisions based on timely and accurate information
How your decisions impact on the financial performance of a business

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