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Effective Team Leader – Open Course

This two-day course includes all core areas of good practice when managing staff including motivation, personal organisation and planning, leadership, and giving and receiving feedback.

Course programme in detail:
¢ Recognise the different knowledge, skills and behaviours required to supervise staff rather than work alongside them
¢ Understand the scope of the team leader role including duty of care and the need to lead by example including fairness and integrity
¢ Have considered their leadership style and recognise when to support and challenge staff, especially during times of change
¢ Have learned techniques to communicate more effectively to teams and individuals including the importance of giving and receiving feedback, and handling conflict.
¢ Know when and how to provide recognition for good work, and be more confident to tackle issues in the right way to create improved performance and to clarify expectations

Course outcome:
To serve as an introduction to the key aspects of Team Leading and provide an opportunity for delegates to consider their performance and identify areas to improve

Who should attend:
Aspiring or existing team leaders, supervisors or managers who require a practical, working knowledge of up to date techniques and good practice in managing teams and individuals

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