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Customer Service Excellence – Open Course

Customer experience training is crucial for any organisation that works with customers or clients. New communications methods and opportunities for immediate responses mean that setting and managing customer expectations is ever more vital. Each and every interaction between employee and customer provides an opportunity for either a positive or negative impression.

Employees with effective customer service skills will feel a greater sense of satisfaction and commitment to their job and in turn will provide positive experiences to customers. These skills make a positive impression in the minds of current and future customers retaining and building the organisation’s customer base.

Delegates will learn how to give positive first impressions, manage customer expectations, and build lasting customer relationships even when things go wrong.

Course programme in detail
¢ Understand the differences between customer service and customer care and why customers feeling valued is often the reason for repeat business.
¢ Understand what a touch point is within the supply chain and how each opportunity to delight a customer must be maximised upon.
¢ Understand the importance of setting and managing customer expectations including how to build rapport and make a good first impression, and how to maintain this through being clear about what can and cant be expected from the organisation.
¢ Be able to communicate face to face with both internal and external customers in a confident and professional manner, understanding the advantages and limits of a range of different communication methods and the potential impact of getting it wrong.
¢ Be more self aware of both the verbal and non verbal signals that they display when communicating face to face and over the telephone with colleagues, suppliers and customers, and the impact this may have on future relationships and reputation.
¢ Be able to deal more effectively with ‘difficult’ customers and complaints with a view to achieving mutually acceptable outcomes to ensure continued relationships into the future and that a positive impression of the company remains

Course outcome
This highly practical day enables participants to review and explore the true meaning of œexcellent customer service in today’s increasingly fast paced and demanding world. It focuses on the challenges “ and rewards “ of managing both internal and external customers effectively via a variety of both traditional and technologically based communications methods.

Who should attend
Anyone who is required to deal with colleagues, partners and/ or external customers. Those new to customer service will receive an excellent grounding in how to set and manage expectations and engage with customers, whilst those who are more experienced in customer care will receive a refresher and an opportunity update their skills with more recent developments and concepts..

For further information please follow this link:https://www.emc-dnl.co.uk/developing-skills/personal-development2/customer-service-excellence/

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