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Conducting the Appraisal Interview

We know that high levels of employee engagement drive higher levels of performance and growth.

Performance Management is about having a structure for driving and measuring performance goals to meet strategic plans, ensuring your people know where they stand. People need to know how to improve their performance in their current role and how best to prepare themselves for future roles. This gives everyone the opportunity to make a real difference to their own and the future of their organisation or business.

The key to a successful performance management process is how the conversations feel for both parties involved. It is about an active partnering with people to enable them to identify talent and potential and is based on:

Getting to know people better as individuals, understanding their personal goals and aspirations.

Valuing each person as an individual and as a whole person, recognising their unique talents.
Focusing them on what is important for the business or organisation.
Ensuring that there is clarity of direction.
Ensuring that they know what they need to do, and how to do it to make a real difference.

During the workshop, we will use appropriate tools and exercises to develop understanding and skill whilst enjoying the opportunity to discuss, share and build upon experiences.

This half-day workshop is usually delivered in-house and on a bespoke basis if required.

This course is run to suit your organisation as required.

What You Will Learn

How to agree and set objectives with your team members, using SMART principles
How to get the best out of your one-to-one discussions with your team members
Ways of raising understanding of the behaviours that underpin the values of the team
To Identify development needs and resources for your team members.
Your role in their development

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