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Complaint Handling

Every organisation has to be prepared for complaint handling, as consumers and clients expect that extra mile service today. Our Complaint Handling course will equip delegates with everything they need to know about handling a complaint whether verbally or written.

By participating in this one-day workshop, delegates will have more confidence in handling complaints effectively, while companies will see motivated individuals who feel able to cope with any form of complaint – ultimately resulting in better relationships with internal and external stakeholders. This will, in turn, help the company’s growth aspirations, as well as provide training and development opportunities for their staff.

Training Programme Objective (s)
What is a complaint?
Who are your customers/clients?
Dealing with difficult people
Body Language
Developing a winning telephone style
Handling difficult customers face
Difficult situations
The six steps to success

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Cohort Minimum

Cohort Maximum

Number of Training Sessions


Price per Learner

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