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CMI Level 2 Team Leader and Supervisor Programme

Course Overview
Working with a group of similar people, you will take part in a number of practical exercises and discussions during the three days of the programme and will look at some of the key areas in which you can influence the performance of your team. The course includes an introduction to the basic principles of leadership, how teams form together and develop, and how to communicate to and motivate the individual members of your team.
Much of the learning on the course comes from sharing experiences with the other people on the programme and taking part in the activities. Whilst there is a straight-forward Level 2 qualification that can be taken if desired, this is optional. People who do wish to do the qualification will find that CMBD gives unrivalled levels of help and support, including access to a personal tutor until you have finished your course. What you need to be able to do this qualification is clearly explained on the first day and you will have the opportunity to chat with your manager before you have to decide if this is for you or not.
What You Will Learn
This programme is delivered over 3 days (usually one or two weeks apart) and covers the six key areas that are most relevant to Team Leaders and Supervisors:
• Your role as a Team Leader or Supervisor, understanding your responsibilities and level of authority
• How to spot and address performance issues in your team
• How to get the best performance out of individuals and teams
• How to develop your communication skills
• How to manage your resources effectively
• Understanding the basic legal aspects of supervising and managing people
Day 1
Leadership – The Basic Principles
• The basic principles of leadership and understanding the impact that you can have on the team
• The different leadership styles and how and when it is useful to use them
• How people learn and the concept of people having different learning styles (do you read the instructions first or get your new toy out of the box and try to make it work straight away!)
• Motivating people by understanding the differences between each individual
• How to spot and fix performance issues
Day 2
Team Dynamics & Motivation
• Team working and team dynamics and how to get your team working well
• Motivating people by playing to their strengths and managing their weaknesses
• The importance of clear communication and the barriers that can get in the way
• How to communicate clearly and how to check for common understanding
• Why it is important for your team members to be able to make sense of the job and how it relates to the bigger picture
Day 3
Planning, Problem Solving & Performance Management
• The importance of planning and how to improve how you do it
• How to problem solve and make decisions
• Basic employment law, discipline and grievance procedures (why we don’t want to go there!)
• The role of the supervisor in counselling and mentoring and getting the best out of your team members

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