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Become a Skilled Communicator

Making yourself understood and being able to understand the people around you is the most powerful foundation for building relationships, getting things done, achieving your aims, attracting the support you need€¦ the list is endless.

Look at the heart of the things that go wrong in the workplace and you€™ll find poor communication time and time again. Quite frankly we could all be better at it.

Couse programme in detail
* Discover the 10 rules to becoming a great conversationalist
* Learn how to deal with rude people with style and confidence
* Understand the connection between intention, messaging and mind reading
* Experience the power of the right words at the right time
* Learn how to uncover the meaning in what others say
* Audit your written communication style

Course outcome
You will take away a powerful awareness of your own communication style and have tools and strategies to €˜flex€™ that style when appropriate. Put simply you will never operate in €˜neutral€™ again and find making yourself understood and understanding others easier and quicker.

Who should attend?
We expect this course to have particular appeal to managers and leaders, however it is suitable for any job role. Influencing others, being clear about your intentions and understanding the messages that are being sent to you are life and work skills that have great value for us all.

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