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Appraisee Skills

Being prepared for an appraisal is a key skill as appraisals form an integral part of any organisation’s performance review programme and have a resulting impact on all employees. This programme will assist in the preparation process to ensure the appraisee is ready and able to answer questions in the appraisal interview.

By participating in this one-day workshop, delegates will have more confidence (and companies more confident employees) who are able to participate in the appraisal interview more effectively and allow for the process to be run smoothly. This should improve team performance, staff retention and career/work enrichment. This will, in turn, help the company’s growth aspirations, as well as provide training and development opportunities for their staff.

Training Programme Objective (s)

Benefits of appraisal programme for the appraisee and organisation
The purpose of appraisals including performance management, objective setting and development and training
Different approaches to appraisal situations and how to prepare for them
Appraisal paperwork
Preparing for the interview
Role play is a significant part of this training course

Contact Hours

Cohort Minimum

Cohort Maximum


Number of Training Sessions


Price per Learner

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