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Applying Workplace Organisational Techniques – Open Course

5S is a practical methodology for organising any given workplace, especially a shared workplace, and more importantly keeping it that way. By application of the simple rule – a place for everything and everything in its place it prevents non-value added time in searching for workplace items  a common and frustrating occurrence in most organisations.

The key objectives of 5S are a highly organised, clean, visual, and efficient workplace. 5S begins by deciding what should be kept, where it should be kept, and how it should be stored.

This decision making process is part of a team effort focused on the principles of standardisation incorporating process ownership in each employee.

Course Programme
* Background & History
* 5 Elements of 5S
* Benefits of 5S
* Waste
* Workplace observation
* Sort (Seiri)
* Set In Order (Seiton)
* Shine (Seiso)
* Standardize (Seiketsu)
* Sustain (Shitsuke)  Discipline
* 5S+1 (Incorporating Safety)
* Visual Factory
* How to implement 5S in any organisation

Course Outcomes
The key objectives are to enhance the participant’s existing skills to enable them to become more effective at continuous improvement within their work process.

By the end of the course, a participant will understand:
On successful completion of this training course, delegates should be able to:
* Give an overall understanding of the background and history of 5S and how it is an important and necessary element of Lean
* Understand and apply each step of 5S through study of practical examples and case studies.
* Plan and implement a fundamental 5S programme in their place of work.

Who should attend?
* Individuals working within all areas of manufacturing and who are looking to develop their capabilities
* Skilled engineers who have had no previous experience of the Lean Six Sigma tools and who are looking to start on the Lean Journey
* Companies who have had no previous experience of Continuous Improvement and who are looking to introduce the methodology to their Business
* Managers who are considering adopting Lean Six Sigma methodology into their business but are looking to understand the concept.

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