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Applying Flow Process Analysis – Open Course

This one-day workshop is designed to equip the attendees with the skills to improve their business’ bottom line. Process mapping allows you to understand what you do and not what you think you do, as the difference between the two is often very costly

Training in the steps of Process Improvement using Process Mapping
* Process identification – identify objectives, scope, players and work areas.
* Information gathering – gather process facts (what, who, where, when) from the people who do the work.
* Process Mapping – convert facts into a process map.
* Analysis – work through the map, challenging each step (what-why?, who-why?, where-why?, when-why?, how-why?)
* Develop/Install New Methods – eliminate unnecessary work, combine steps, rearrange steps, add new steps where necessary
* Manage process – maintain process map in library, review routinely, and monitor process for changes
* Activity-create a Brown Paper map

Course outcomes
The key objectives are to enhance the participant€™s existing skills to enable them to become more effective at continuous improvement within their work process.

By the end of the course, a participant will understand:
On successful completion of this training course, delegates should be able to:
* Process mapping is capable of supporting several important business goals:
* Business process improvement
* Training
* Process / workflow clarification
* Regulatory compliance
* Internal audit
* Role clarity (RACI)
* Reducing cost, improving quality and ensuring delivery first time every time.

Who should attend?
* Individuals working within all areas of manufacturing and who are looking to develop their capabilities
* Skilled engineers who have had no previous experience of the Lean Six Sigma tools and who are looking to start on the Lean Journey
* Companies who have had no previous experience of Process mapping and who are looking to introduce the methodology to their Business
* Managers who are considering adopting Lean Six Sigma methodology into their business but are looking to understand the concept.

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