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Agile Project Management Foundation & Practitioner – E-learning

This 4-day course combines the Agile Project Management Foundation and Practitioner courses into one course. The Foundation portion of the certification is an introduction to the Agile methodology and provides the training for the AgilePM® Foundation certification (APMG accredited).

Once the Agile PM Foundation certification has been achieved, delegates shall progress onto the Agile PM Practitioner portion of the course. This shall commence on the last day of the course. Our qualified trainers will guide you through the Agile Certification so that you shall acquire the skills to competently and proficiently work, as part of a team, on an Agile project.

Agile training centers on continual iterative feedback, at regular intervals, to allow for frequent refinement of a project. Thus meaning that it deflects from the traditional project management methodologies of following a rigid plan and instead permits customer collaboration and is welcome to change.

Begin with an introduction to Agile methodologies
Equip yourself with the core principles needed for a successful Agile project
Understand the 12 Principles of Agile training and implement them into your projects
Implement an Agile methodology into your daily thought-process
Deliver quicker, cost-effective and low-risk change with AgilePM® certified team members
Greater focus on customer satisfaction, fulfilled and satisfied clients translates to improved prospects of returning business
Enhanced communication focus, between teams and also clients, resulting in a better working environment
Concentrated attention on working software and project productivity rather than extensive documentation

The following is included in this Agile course:

Agile Project Management Foundation Examination
Agile Project Management Practitioner Examination
Pre-course material
The Knowledge Academy AgilePM® Foundation & Practitioner Manual
Agile Project Management Handbook v2.0 ISBN: 9780992872724

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