Develop a strong, effective marketing plan that will keep your marketing activity on track and revolutionise the work of your marketing team.
Comprehensive course covering Sales Process, methodology and skills, encompassing key aspects of best practice in the selling activities prospecting, qualification, relating, objection handling, closing, including competitive strategies to exploit trigger events and win competitive deals.
Current statistics indicate that 58% of sales opportunities are lost to no decision and that 70% of opportunities within pipelines are lost by the sales person. Complex sales require a strategic methodology, skills and process to be successful. Professional Sales Opportunity Management provides a comprehensive program to assess, strategise and win complex sales opportunities.
Most companies have a GTM strategy that encompasses direct sales and sales with and through partners. Both models need its own specific approach for success. Channel management comes with its own set of challenges- lack of formal channel management training, poorly defined channel management processes and insufficient sales training. Professional Partner Account Management training equips sales organisations with best practices for managing indirect and omni channel sales efforts.