The Management Programme

This training is tailored to your company’s working environment, to include procedures, tasks and issues that your managers have to face on a daily or monthly basis. The training can be delivered over four consecutively days, over a four-week period (1 session per week) or monthly. Training can be held at PCS training suite or your site.

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Project Management Overview

Managing a project doesn’t have to be complicated, in fact we handle simple projects every day without really thinking about the steps we’re taking to do so.
This training session will give you a little structure and some hints and tips to make your projects go smoothly
You are probably already involved in projects and applying some of the habits we’ll be talking about, so you will experience an increase in your confidence to put more projects into practice and get better project outcomes.

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Manufacturing Team Leader Programme

The programme aimed at Team Leaders includes Managing Self, Managing Teams and Managing the Business. Topics will include Management Styles; Developing self awareness; Confidence and Assertiveness; Giving feedback and having difficult conversations; Delegation; Team working and interpersonal skills; Communication; 360 degree feedback; and Time Management

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Professional Sales Opportunity Management

Current statistics indicate that 58% of sales opportunities are lost to no decision and that 70% of opportunities within pipelines are lost by the sales person. Complex sales require a strategic methodology, skills and process to be successful. Professional Sales Opportunity Management provides a comprehensive program to assess, strategise and win complex sales opportunities.

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Testing Techniques

A technical course describing the techniques used to determine the mechanical properties of metals and for non-destructive testing (NDT) of structures and components

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