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1. Boost, series of short 60-90 minute programmes – areas such as, social media, online sales. Time Saving – ‘Hack you 9 to 5’ is geared around employee productivity, making time at work count/meaningful, improving staff efficiency/healthier work life work balance.

2. Management – Range of programmes/regulated units to support manager training across all areas. Courses are tailored to what businesses want and can be ran on/off site.

3. IT, bespoke and regulated short/medium term IT programmes/regulated units to support business growth by improving staff skills in technology including Microsoft, Google.

4. Customer Service/sales programmes, Suite of programmes/ regulated units to enhance engagement around the visitor economy, retail sectors, back to basics, cultural difference, E&D, Disabilities and sales.

5. Finance, Programmes/regulated units designed to support tighter financial management

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