Microsoft Project Intro | Inter | Adv

Microsoft Project is a project management software program which assists project managers or a project team developing plans, assigning resources to tasks, tracking progress, managing budgets and analysing workloads. It also is also possible to easily show risks or issues within a task or project. This program has a few bugs and analogical processes but with PCS’ experienced expert trainers, a difficult process can become very simple and easy to understand. There are many simple wizards with Project that can actually create some bad practices if not shown all the pit-falls. Using this program correctly will make planning a project feel like using a crystal ball to forecast future tasks or plans.

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Microsoft Excel: Intro | Inter | Adv

Microsoft Excel is a complex and powerful spreadsheet program that you can use to create, edit and format professional tabled reports. It uses grid sheets that can easily create simple lists of organised data which can be made into complex linked spreadsheets utilising formulas, functions and macros.

Excel is designed to make life easier and save you huge amounts of time. The user does not need to be a mathematical genius to create powerful statistics or advanced graphs from your data, but instead letting Excel be the calculator. As with any IT application, it will only save the delegate’s time if they know how to use it. Our Excel courses take you through the most essential commonly used features and help build up their confidence to master this fundamental office program.

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Procurement Solutions

The training will assist the business development team to develop skills in the identification of online tender opportunities across the UK, and in the completion of the tender submission documentation. This will enable the business to increase income generating opportunities and offers a more flexible approach to skill development for employees. Training in the identification and completion of tenders will prepare the business development team to submit professional tender responses and will be delivered through a combination of generic tender training for all participants and individualised training for each division. It is anticipated that this will take 6 days to deliver.
This is a level 3 non-accredited training course to support businesses to successfully bid for public sector contracts. The training can be delivered on either site or on-line to meet learner needs and Government restrictions.

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Microsoft 365 Digital Starter Programme

With more people working remotely due to Covid 19, more businesses are being forced through a digital transformation process, and much more aggressively than most would have liked. As such, there’s been increased openness to adopting technology like Microsoft 365. This isn’t a new need, but there’s a renewed urgency to adopt now in order to empower organisations to improvise, adapt and overcome the challenges poised by the Covid-19 pandemic.

One of the key steps needed to a successful economic recovery is expanded access to digital skills. Even before the pandemic the UK was facing an alarming digital skills gap, which has only been exacerbated by this crisis. In today’s digital economy, organisations need to develop new digital skills to respond, recover and renew their business operations.

The first step is to respond and with most organisations already having licenses for Microsoft Office 365, really understanding how the Apps and Services can support the businesses digital aspirations is a key strategic factor.

Microsoft 365 offers you a comprehensive set of applications which can complete many different tasks in your everyday work which should be a major consideration as a pillar in your business or organisation’s overall digital web strategy.

This digital starter programme introduces you to the Power Platform applications that can be quickly provisioned to serve a variety of different audiences and workloads but will also show you how you can adopt some quick wins using some of the other applications across the spectrum of Office 365.

You will learn about the key apps which are provided within the Microsoft 365 framework and how they come together to help you produce better working solutions for your business or organisation.

Digital transformation is no longer a requirement for large organisations only, it’s affecting everybody, and we need to rethink how we leverage digital technologies, build automation capabilities, and address employee and customer experiences using more agile and lean methodologies.

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ILM Level 7 Certificate in Leadership & Management

A prestigious qualification aimed at current and aspiring senior managers who wish to extend their skills and knowledge to make effective strategic plans to meet or exceed the expectations of various stakeholders and partners within the organisation. The level 7 is at a Post Graduate level, which requires participants to invest in their own personal brand, to create organisation and personal impact through high level engagement, influencing, innovation and critical thinking. The learning will be underpinned by practical and applied research and the application of theoretical frameworks at the leading edge of management and leadership practice. It will be a requirement of the course that delegates identify, research, analyse and create a plan for an improvement at a strategic level within their organisation.

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