Project Management Overview

Managing a project doesn’t have to be complicated, in fact we handle simple projects every day without really thinking about the steps we’re taking to do so.
This training session will give you a little structure and some hints and tips to make your projects go smoothly
You are probably already involved in projects and applying some of the habits we’ll be talking about, so you will experience an increase in your confidence to put more projects into practice and get better project outcomes.

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Manufacturing Senior Manager Programme

The programme aimed at Senior Managers includes Managing Self, Managing Teams and Managing the Business. Topics will include Business Plan Review; Role of a Senior Manager and how to role model the right behaviours; Leadership styles; Change Management; Team Development, Coaching; Personal Development Reviews; 360 degree feedback; Time Management & Planning ahead and Innovation

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Maintain, Manage And Maximise Your Customer Relationships!

For many businesses, when it comes to customers, this Coronavirus crisis has created a real lack of certainty, a lack of customers and a lack of money! The result is that many businesses have to take a different approach – a Dramatically and Demonstrably Different approach even, to the way they find, attract and keep the customers they want. Many of the ‘traditional’ ways of engaging with customers have to be reassessed and redeveloped and this online learning helps you develop your marketing, customer relationship and customer service skills to help you survive, and hopefully thrive in these turbulent times.

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