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Microsoft Access is one of the world’s most popular database management solutions which allow companies to store, analyse and sort data. Microsoft Access is a relational database engine that can have a graphical user interface called forms. These forms can be used to allow a user to input, find, update or delete data and more importantly print detailed formatted reports.

Many companies have databases created in Access however they have problems improving, updating or amending their databases; with this PCS course the user will gain the knowledge and confidence needed to use the program efficiently and more importantly with the Support from PCS, we will be able to help the delegate to start creating or fine tune their own internal databases. PCS has a dedicated Solutions team that provides commercial systems for many international clients. With their years of experience and knowledge PCS have created a 3 stage program of courses that shows the main areas to start mastering this industry standard database application.

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Microsoft Project Intro | Inter | Adv

Microsoft Project is a project management software program which assists project managers or a project team developing plans, assigning resources to tasks, tracking progress, managing budgets and analysing workloads. It also is also possible to easily show risks or issues within a task or project. This program has a few bugs and analogical processes but with PCS’ experienced expert trainers, a difficult process can become very simple and easy to understand. There are many simple wizards with Project that can actually create some bad practices if not shown all the pit-falls. Using this program correctly will make planning a project feel like using a crystal ball to forecast future tasks or plans.

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Microsoft Excel: Intro | Inter | Adv

Microsoft Excel is a complex and powerful spreadsheet program that you can use to create, edit and format professional tabled reports. It uses grid sheets that can easily create simple lists of organised data which can be made into complex linked spreadsheets utilising formulas, functions and macros.

Excel is designed to make life easier and save you huge amounts of time. The user does not need to be a mathematical genius to create powerful statistics or advanced graphs from your data, but instead letting Excel be the calculator. As with any IT application, it will only save the delegate’s time if they know how to use it. Our Excel courses take you through the most essential commonly used features and help build up their confidence to master this fundamental office program.

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