NFPC Hydraulics – Stage 2 (HDST2)

This practical course will focus on the installation, commissioning, testing and fault diagnosis of mobile hydraulic systems whilst also covering a range of equipment found on mobile plant together with their associated control systems. The course will involve a high level of “hands on” practical training which will help develop the necessary skills required to effectively manage today’s complex mobile systems.

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Non-Ferrous Alloys

A technical course describing the production, features and applications of Aluminium, Copper, Nickel & Titanium alloys

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NFPC Hydraulics – Stage 1 (HDST1)

This course gives delegates a greater degree of understanding the practicalities of a hydraulic system. Anyone who working with or around hydraulic systems should complete this course as a minimum. This course meets and exceeds the BFPA minimum education recommendations for hydraulics and is CPD accredited by IQ and IOM3. The training will take place at the National Fluid Power Centre, Worksop.

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Introduction to AutoCAD

  • Navigate AutoCAD
  • Understand the Ribbon Interface, Shortcut Keys and Function Keys
  • Object Snaps and Object Tracking
  • Basic Drawing Creation – Lines, Arcs, Shapes, Details, Hatching
  • Basic object editing
  • Object Annotation – Text and Dimensions
  • 1st and 3rd Angle Projection
  • Basic Drawing Production Including Plans, Elevations and Sections
  • Introduction to 3D Cad
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Quality & Quality Control

A one day training course addressing the key aspects of Quality from the perspective of engineering services and product manufacture

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Testing Techniques

A technical course describing the techniques used to determine the mechanical properties of metals and for non-destructive testing (NDT) of structures and components

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Business Planning – dealing with the now, the future and beyond (Virtual Training)

The “Business Planning – dealing with the now, the future and beyond” programme is made up of 2 x 3 hours sessions. It’s really important in this moment to have clarity on where you are, where you need to be and what you need to do to get there. You don’t want to leave it to chance and the risk is, if you don’t think about it and have a plan, your competition will certainly will do. This programme will help you to complete a business audit; revise and develop an updated business plan; develop skills to manage your time effectively. The session include virtual discussions, polls and breakout rooms; psychometric and behavioural tests; online handouts, personal action plans to record what you are going to do different; online quiz to test how much you have learned; and further reading material who want to learn some more.

£300 per participant (Minimum 5 participants).

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NFPC Hydraulics Industrial – Stage 2 (HDIS2)

This practical course is aimed at craftsmen, technicians, engineers and plant managers working within the industrial and offshore sectors. The course is designed for those involved in the maintenance, management and servicing of all types of industrial systems using hydraulics and associated controls. The course will focus on planning, installation, commissioning, testing, fault prevention and fault diagnosis.

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