Organisations increasingly understand that future success will depend largely on their ability to use data and analytics to drive more informed decision making. As such, there is a clamour for organisations to become “data-driven”, resulting in a rise in the number of initiatives focused on proactive data strategy, creating analytic teams and transforming business culture. During an organisation’s data driven journey, they may prioritise a number of use cases that would appear to deliver value to the organisation and be feasible. However, to capitalise on the value, and to plan an optimal approach, it is essential to access experienced data and data science professionals. Datatrainer and Mango, in collaboration with their customers, have designed the Data-Driven Planning Workshop for organisations wanting to refine and plan vital data-driven initiatives. Pre-requisites • Prior to the course, the company has defined and shared a shortlist of analytic opportunities, to be discussed and planned
Our Health Leadership courses are aimed at leaders and are designed to empower cultures of wellbeing to enable the best possible performance. Our Health Leadership training improves leadership skills, particularly around coping with pressure and managing resilience within their teams.
The Westfield Health wellbeing webinars are a range of live coaching webinars designed to help organisations manage aspects of their wellbeing and help to ensure their people are engaged and productive.
To empower the team with the problem-solving and improvement 'mindset' needed to ensure your business has the key skills to become more effective and efficient. It's a 2-day course that equips the learner with the core and fundamental tools and techniques to make a real impact in the workplace TODAY.