Introduction to Public Sector Tendering

This course focuses on providing information an essential introduction on public sector tendering for small and medium -sized enterprises (SMEs). The impact of COVID 19 is being felt widely for many businsses and therefore the safe and extensive marketplace that public tender tender opportunities provides is a welcome prospect for businesses who have not previously considered biddng for public sector tenders and are now looking to diversify their marketplace.
Businesses will be able to gain a greater insight into what is involved in bidding for public sector tenders, where and how they can find out about opportunities and what information they need to have in place to be able to respond quickly and effectively

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Manufacturing Team Leader Programme

The programme aimed at Team Leaders includes Managing Self, Managing Teams and Managing the Business. Topics will include Management Styles; Developing self awareness; Confidence and Assertiveness; Giving feedback and having difficult conversations; Delegation; Team working and interpersonal skills; Communication; 360 degree feedback; and Time Management

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Driving Growth with Strategic Marketing

Produce a robust Strategic Marketing Strategy for your organisation or business with guidance and help from fully qualified Marketing professionals. Define your goals, research your market and produce your plan.

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Non-Ferrous Alloys

A technical course describing the production, features and applications of Aluminium, Copper, Nickel & Titanium alloys

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Combatting Corrosion

A one day technical course describing the various mechanisms by which metals and alloys corrode and technologies for preventing it

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