Organisations increasingly understand that future success will depend largely on their ability to use data and analytics to drive more informed decision making. As such, there is a clamour for organisations to become “data-driven”, resulting in a rise in the number of initiatives focused on proactive data strategy, creating analytic teams and transforming business culture. However, the data-driven world is shrouded in complex phraseology, where terms such as Machine Learning, Big Data, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence are touted as the silver bullets to transform organisations. Against this backdrop, it can be difficult for organisations to access clear, impartial advice from experts in the field. Datatrainer and Mango, in collaboration with their customers, have designed a workshop for organisations wanting to cut through the hype and understand pragmatic approaches to becoming data-driven. The Data Driven Mobilisation Workshop provides an overview of data-driven initiatives based on 18 years of experience in the field.