Manufacturing firm’s new leadership team powered by Skills Bank

Manufacturing firm’s new leadership team powered by Skills Bank

Manufacturing firm Penny Hydraulics have turned to Skills Bank to access training for their new leadership team to support their aspirations around growth.

The firm, based in Clowne, Chesterfield, approached Skills Bank for help when the company’s management structure was changed resulting in a need to upskill members of a new leadership team.

Martha Penny was part of the team who went on the leadership and management course. She said: “As a company, we worked with Skills Bank the first time around in 2016 and, having seen the benefits, decided to take the opportunity to apply for the new programme.

“In 2016, our team completed a range of courses on engineering, specifically to bolster skills in the nuclear sector – which is an area we have grown into in the years since the training. Having training meant that we could grow as a business into the sector and begin to establish ourselves as a company with the knowledge to meet client needs.

“We knew that working with Skills Bank and their skills advisors was an easy process and so were keen to secure more training this time around for members of our new leadership team.

“At the start of 2019, Penny Hydraulics revised its organisational structure to include a Leadership Team.  It is a new tier that would report to the board, oversee and implement operational processes and initiatives and drive growth.  A new concept for the company, as well as the team members concerned.

“I am part of the new Leadership Team and I welcomed the opportunity to undertake management training, which came at the right time and has given me much-needed support.  I have been able to relate each section of the programme to this new role, maintaining an objective stance of the team’s purpose and my part in it. 

“Speaking to the Skills Advisor we were able to identify key areas of our business that needed to be addressed by training to support our plans around growth, and the opportunities that were open to us”.

“Skills Bank helped us every step of the way, with straightforward practical advice and guidance. We really benefitted from having the training tailor-made for our business. The approach means that we got exactly what we wanted out of the training; rather than being guided towards courses that weren’t quite right for us.”

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the course” says Daniel Casey, Marketing Manager. “The training has enabled me to learn new skills and tactics that I can immediately bring back to the workplace. Brent and the team made the training really enjoyable and it was a good mix of theory with practical application. I would highly recommend the course to any manager who is willing to learn and improve. As a team, we are now working more effectively which will help continue our growth as a business.”

Skills Bank provides employers across the Sheffield City Region access to high-quality training and funding, to enable them to develop their business.

Training accessed through Skills Bank can be in the form of an existing qualification or industry-recognised training programme or can also be designed to meet bespoke requirements.

To make an enquiry to Skills Bank visit the website here or contact the South Yorkshire Growth Hub Gateway team on 03330 00 00 39.

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