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Apply for a percentage of funding to alleviate the costs of upskilling your workforce.


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Is your company eligible for funding towards training?

South Yorkshire Businesses: Operating within South Yorkshire for at least 12 months.

Business Growth and Resilience: Training is preferred to align with business resilience and growth.

Evidence of Contribution: Demonstrate how the training with contribute to the South Yorkshire economy.


Why Does Skills Bank Fund Training?

Skills Bank is more than just a fund; it’s part of the South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority’s vision for a stronger, greener, and fairer region. Aligned with the strategic economic plan, we aim to support businesses in creating a prosperous South Yorkshire.


Access free support and guidance from our experienced and knowledgeable Skills Advisors who can help with the application process. Submit your application outlining your business plans and training needs.


Your application is reviewed by our team, preparing it for the Appraisal Panel.

Skills Deal

Successful applicants receive a Skills Deal prior to the start of training.

Skills Deal

After completing training, request your contribution.

Our Skills Advisors

Our dedicated Skills Advisors are here to guide you through the application process. They’ll help identify your challenges, explore opportunities, and ensure you maximise the benefits you’re eligible for. The Skills Bank team will be on hand throughout the process to support the completion of electronic registration and outcomes. 

Unsuccessful applications will receive feedback and the option to be referred to a Skills Advisor.

Find Out More

To find out more and get in touch with one of our Skills Advisors,
leave your details below and we will be in touch. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Once submitted, your application will be managed by the same person who will raise any queries with you and provide regular updates. They will prepare your application for presentation at the weekly Appraisal Panel.

If you have already spoken to a Skills Provider and have a Training Proposal you can upload this along with your Skills Bank application.

If you have already identified training that has been recommended to you or is specialist to your business sector, just include the details when you submit the application.

You might want to combine a selection of training programmes from different Skills Providers and this is fine, it’s your choice.

For your planning purposes it might be useful to consider a potential contribution from Skills Bank as; 45% Large Companies / 50% Micro, SME.

The more significant intervention rates will reflect applications where:

  • The challenges and/or opportunities and actions being planned to address and/or maximise these are clearly explained and evidenced in your application.
  • It is clear that training and skills are directly linked to the actions to maximise growth opportunities.
  • The employer can evidence how they support Inclusive Growth by contributing to the South Yorkshire economy themes of Workplace Inclusion, Social Value, Local Communities, Supply Chain Development, Carbon Reduction, Raising Aspirations and are a Disability Confident Employer.

As part of Skills Bank’s response to emerging local economic challenges and developments and to help local business align to those evolving opportunities and challenges we may periodically introduce provision with favourable intervention rates