Most Frequently Asked Questions

Can a new business be supported through Skills Bank?

New businesses can be supported through Skills Bank providing they have been trading for at least 12 months. All businesses will need to demonstrate clear business objectives and initial success of their existing business model as well as capacity to grow. We may ask for further information from businesses that are less than 18 months old. Skills Bank must not be used to support the start-up of a business.

Can Skills Bank support a charity or third sector organisation?

Skills Bank funding is set aside for businesses that can provide a business case to show growth and are able to identify how they contribute to the South Yorkshire economy. Support is directed only towards learning programmes that deliver a benefit to the business and complement actions the company is taking to further develop the business.

Many charities and third sector organisations may be able to demonstrate that they are aligned to these overarching principles and could successfully apply to the Skills Bank programme.

Can Skills Bank support individuals who do not have a current contract of employment?

All individuals must be current employees of the business applying to Skills Bank

Self-Employed/Sole Traders may apply in their own right.

Are agency staff able to be eligible for training under this programme?

Only directly employed staff are eligible.

Is there any training that cannot be supported through Skills Bank?

Skills Bank will not usually support the following training. However there may be exceptions to this where it forms an integral element to a package of training that supports growth.

  • Low level learning, unless it is part of a bespoke package that demonstrates the overall objectives and a strong growth case
  • Training that is mandatory, legally required or duty of care (e.g. health and safety, first aid, food hygiene, manual handling etc.)
  • Licence to Practice
  • Training that demonstrates existing competency
  • Worldhost
  • CSCS cards
  • Customer services for taxi drivers
  • DBS
  • Delivery to own staff

Is there a restriction on the value of financial support I can request through Skills Bank?

The Subsidy Control Regime applies and there is a ceiling of approximately £350,000 of subsidies over the three fiscal year period above which a company will have exceeded their Subsidy limit.

There is no upper limit on the cost of training, we will take each application on its merits and look closely at the cost per learner and the business case for growth outlined in the application.

What do I do if I don’t know what training I require?

Request a call back from a Skills Advisor who will be able to help. Alternatively speak to one of our approved Training Providers who may be able to devise something that meets your particular requirements. Just remember that your application needs to demonstrate that training is linked to business growth.

Does training need to be accredited by an Awarding Body?

No, the training has to provide you with the skills you need. This could include accredited and non-accredited training or a combination. If you need something designing specifically for you, make contact with one of our Training Providers or get in touch with us.

Can national employers be approached, providing the training is given to employee’s at branches within South Yorkshire?

The expectation is that the employer has a permanent base within South Yorkshire and the employee’s permanent base of work is South Yorkshire however, there may be cases where we can consider supporting employees who do not meet that precise definition and we will consider this on a case by case basis linked to the growth case presented.

Is there a restriction on the size of business employing the staff? Can the grant be used to support large businesses if they are based in South Yorkshire?

The fund can be used to support 19+ learners employed by organisations of any size in South Yorkshire. We can work with large employers but only to a maximum intervention rate of 60%.

Do employee’s who attend the training need to live in South Yorkshire?

No, the employer must be based in South Yorkshire and this must be the employee’s official base of work however, they do not have to reside within the region.

Do you have any further questions?

If you have any further questions please use our contact form located in the link HERE