Time Management

Do you ever get the feeling you are just the passenger when it comes to managing time and that somebody else is driving? If so then this one day course is a definite must for you! How would it be if we put you back in the driver€™s seat €“ put you more in control of your time?

This fast-paced and highly interactive course includes personal reflective time and group participation, using the practical experience of delegates to structure and decide upon priorities and the most effective skills for achieving them in a balanced way.

Course programme in detail
* Identify where time is wasted
* Establish priorities
* Create a plan
* Organise themselves and others
* Effective delegation
* Work with less stress, more control, more balance
* Set clear objectives and delegate effectively

Course outcome
At the end of this course, delegates will be able to identify where time is wasted, establish priorities and organise themselves and others.

Who should attend
Anyone who feels that their management of time is putting their life out of balance and causing them stress. Also for those who think they would benefit from better organisation and time management.

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