The Ultimate Digital Selling Programme

The Ultimate Digital Selling Programme

The Covid-19 crisis will only intensify demand from local businesses in the short to medium term for online selling and this innovative, practical step by step programme will give businesses the key skills needed to generate potentially significant online sales through a range of powerful Digital Selling Platforms which could be a lifeline in this current situation.

This unique and distinct programme gives participating companies the skills and opportunity to generate significant sales revenues from Digital Selling as well as developing and integrating these techniques into the company’s overall Business Growth Strategy.

This has the dual benefit of ensuring that these key skills to develop Sales growth through online sales are embedded within the business and then fully implemented as part of the firm’s ongoing Growth Strategy campaigns.

Shelton Associates are Digital Selling Practitioners as well as being professional trainers. This is a really important point, in that we are not just talking about how to sell on these platforms-we have done it ourselves and regularly do it for our clients as well-this certainly helps to maximise the learning experience for participants.

If Manufacturers/Distributors are not using Digital Selling or not using it effectively then they are missing out on a significant potential opportunity to grow their businesses using this powerful tool-not just in the UK, but generating Export Sales in Europe, North America, India, Japan etc.

The ‘The Ultimate Digital Selling Programme’ will enable participants to learn how to generate potentially significant new sales through Digital Selling to achieve their Business Growth Objectives.

This is a REAL opportunity for SCR businesses NOW and in the future!

‘The Ultimate Digital Selling Programme’ is suitable for beginners and existing sellers wanting to generate greater results from Digital Selling

This programme comprises 2 distinct parts:

Part 1) ‘Digital Selling Masterclasses- 2 x WEBINARS
Part 2) Developing your own Digital Selling Growth Plan 1 x 1-2-1 Remote Training (through Zoom)

Key areas covered in these part of the programme are outlined below.


Part 1) ‘Digital Selling Masterclasses- 2 x WEBINARS

  • Webinar 1 The Power of Digital Selling
  • Introduction to the Power of Digital Selling
  • What are the main Digital Selling Platforms to consider?
  • Which Digital Selling Platforms are right for my business?
  • Generating Sales Leads through Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc)
  • Generating Sales Leads through Google Ads/SEO
  • Using Videos and Photos to Generate online Sales
  • Advanced Keyword Research to get your Products Seen
  • Writing Compelling Content that Sells
  • Webinar 2 Digital Selling Platforms
  • How to Sell on Amazon
  • How to Sell on eBay
  • How to Sell on Etsy
  • How to Sell using Shopify and eCommerce Websites
  • How to Sell using Google Shopping
  • How to Sell on Social Media (Facebook and Instagram Shopping)
  • The Benefits of Having a Shopping App in the Appstore and Play Store


Part 2) Developing your own Digital Selling Growth Plan ( 1-2-1 Remote Training through Zoom)
This in-depth, follow on personal 1-2-1 remote training session to help companies to review which Digital Selling Platforms are appropriate for their business and showing them how to develop their own Digital Selling Growth Plan.


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Shelton Associates is an experienced marketing consultancy and training firm, which has been based in Sheffield for the past 25 years.We are marketing practitioners and run specialist training programmes in areas where we have direct practial expertise, both for our clients and ourselves.Shelton Associates has particular expertise in assisting companies through individual training to:Develop a Professional Marketing PlanSell products on Amazon and eBayGenerate Leads, Enquiries and Sales from Facebook, LinkedIn, Amazon and eBayDuring the current crisis, many of our courses are available remotely, so you are still receiving individual 1-2-1 training in these areas from experienced professionals, we are just doing it over Zoom instead. 


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