Temporary Structures – Planning Considerations Course (TSPCC)

This TSPCC training has been identified as a sector wide skills priority as evidenced by employer feedback, market research and our extensive knowledge of the construction industry. The training will strengthen employer competitiveness by increasing senior management skill levels, allowing for wider distribution across projects and by generating more diverse and advanced business opportunities to tender. In addition, a more efficient workforce will allow for an increased number of tenders, directly contributing to business income levels.

With future key infrastructure projects raised within the SCR, this training will enhance an employer’s pedigree as a market leading organisation capable of delivering projects on time, in budget and with minimal compromises to poor practices.

Through a combination of technical and practical based training, key objectives include –

1) Increase senior management knowledge, skill, ability and efficiency when managing all forms of temporary structures.
2) Improve operational productivity by enhancing operator efficiency, skills and planning considerations.
3) Underpin best practices widely regarding in the construction industry.
4) Support tender opportunities and develop supply chain networks, improving employer competitiveness.
5) Support employer growth aspirations through a relevant portfolio of Continued Professional Development throughout the workforce.
6) Temporary structures often involve bespoke manufactured solutions such as equipment requirements; this training identifies what is available and signposts employers to other businesses within the region.

Training will adhere to British Standards, best practice case studies, employer engagement provisions and theoretical content in the management/planning of temporary structures and will be delivered by our MInstRE construction professionals spanning over 40 years of experience.


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