Team Building Day

• Implementation of psychometric tools – Myers Briggs tool (energy, process of information, decision-making and approach to deadlines)
• Understand your behavioural preferences and how they can help and hinder you
• Understand how we might perceive others and they might perceive you
• Identify preferred working style and when and how to ‘flex’ to get the best out of people and situation
• An audit of your team to identify strengths and areas for development
• Implementation of the Team Profiling tool to identify team role preferences, how to best allocate tasks and improve interpersonal communication
• Key skills practise to develop and maintain effective relationships (Rapport Building, Questioning, Listening, Feedback, Communication and Body Language)
• Enhance skills to understand, control and manage your emotions and to think before acting
• Giving feedback in a constructive way and how to receive feedback objectively
• Introduction to “Constructive Honesty” Model and the importance of “challenging directly” but with “care and respect”
• 360º feedback to identify open, hidden and blind spots
• Team Problem Solving Exercise to practice new Team Working, Communication, Feedback and Problem Solving skills learned
• Development of a personal action plan to address areas for development and achieve your personal and business goals

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