Survive, Then Thrive! Creating A Strategic Focus In Your Business


When times are tough, the role of the leadership team is never more critical. People look for reassurance, guidance and direction and this is when the best leaders ‘step up to the plate’.

In this time of Coronavirus and all the uncertainty that brings, there is an even stronger need for both a short term and longer term ‘vision’ that creates a real focus – It’s about looking forward, establishing and agreeing priorities, getting people ‘on board’. and vitally, moving forward in line with that vision.

This online facilitated approach helps senior managers develop their ‘strategic skills’ by working together as a team on the key issues facing the business and agreeing a clear way forward. It is specifically tailored to each business and you decide what you want to achieve from it. It’s typically about focusing primarily on the immediate ‘short term vision’ of ‘where we want to be’ and ‘how we want things to be’ during and after to ‘survive’ the Corona virus crisis, and equipping your business to ‘thrive’ it after it’s ended.

You will ‘learn by doing’ and help create a real focus to first of all, get your business through the Corona Virus Crisis and secondly shape the future of your business for after these ‘turbulent times’.

It helps you as a senior team….

  • Develop your ‘strategic thinking’, ‘leadership’ and ‘team building’ skills
  • Develop agreed goals and objectives for the immediate term of the Corona crisis
  • Develop agreed ‘longer term’ goals for when it’s all over
  • Establish and agree your roles as leaders in these tough times
  • Develop an agreed ‘plan of attack’ to ensure your business gets through the Corona virus crisis…. And beyond.

The programme content typically includes….

  • Assessing where your business is now Identifying what’s working and what’s not working when it comes to performance, people, profitability and customers
  • Your role as a leader – Establishing ‘Our Key Factors For Success’ to get us through this crisis and agreeing priorities and creating some real focus in the areas that count
  • Let’s Get Through This… Thinking ‘strategically’ to help create a picture of the short term future for your business that ‘stimulates, excites and inspires’
  • Looking longer term – ‘Seeing the Big Picture’ and clarifying what it will it look like after this is all over?
  • Prioritisation – establishing clear goals and targets and agreeing key priorities to create a clear focus
  • Strategic Planning –identifying clear ‘routes’ forward – who’s going to do what and ‘by when’
  • Making It Happen – Identifying and committing to actions and ‘getting buy-in’ to those plans.

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