Successfully Managing Growth During Change

This training and coaching programme is suitable for senior management/directors and business owners to
improve their skills in managing change within a business environment during growth and transformation. We will address everyday
operations that can and will be affected by growth and introduce ways to manage these issues effectively
with as little negative impact as possible. This course will help managers and directors to think critically about
implementing a smooth change process to ensure that the most positive outcomes are achieved with minimal adverse
impact. We will interact and use real world scenarios and case studies to aid thought triggering and change
management strategies.


Identifying different types of change
Preparing & planning for change
Introduction to PERT
Understanding the impacts of change during a growth period
Winning (and understanding the importance of) stakeholder buy-in
Setting priorities
Maintaining motivation throughout the growth process
Direct & indirect impacts and results
Building change into your growth program/plan
Change as a process
Putting the right people in place


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