Strategic Planning – Higher (I01)

This is a systemised facilitated approach to developing a business growth strategy in a strongly participative way using visual planning tools.

The result will be a ‘visual strategy’, which can be shared with the workforce and stakeholders, underpinned by a robust implementation plan with key targets and delegated actions.

Elements of activity will include:

Business Visioning

Establishing the start point for your journey, content will include:
Current business position
Stakeholders requirements
Resources and capability
Markets and competition
Financial needs and resources

Compass’ Strategic Development Plan

Using a ‘compass’ visual planning template to develop a forward plan for the business

Content will include:
Establishing the ‘vectors for success’
Determining the start points for the influencing vectors
Measurable strategic targets
Tasks to make it happen

Route Planner

A simple plan to make sure your journey will succeed, content will include:
Prioritising the ‘game changing’ components
Breaking these down into clear ‘do-able’ tasks
Assigning owners to the tasks
Setting measures of success and timeframes
Consolidating these into a clear visual delivery plan
Establishing methodology to keep moving on the journey

Action Planning

Breaking down each of the ‘route planner’ tasks into a team responsibility to give ownership and involvement beyond the top team.

Content will include:
Establishing individual component delivery action plans
Supporting ‘action owners’ to lead and deliver

Guiding The Team on the Journey

Facilitation to make sure that you keep on track for the rest of your growth journey.

Content will include;
Periodic check to see if you are on target
Help to overcome blocking factors.

Further content will also be included and delivered progressively using feedback from the learners, and their developing understanding.

This will include specific assignments drawn from, and adding benefit to their organisation and further one- to -one learning content informed by any knowledge gaps or weaknesses in knowledge of any individuals in the cohort.

Firstly a number of intensive facilitated team sessions with the senior team of the organisation to establish consensus on the current business position and growth intent.

Initial assumptions will be discussed and challenged to establish a robust start point .
Further team sessions will be used to develop an outline growth vision with targets and highlighting strategic tasks to implement this.

This will be followed by team agreement to identify ‘ priority enablers’ and assigning a lead team member for each with measurable time bound targets.

Subsequent support would involve both team and individual support to facilitate and drive implementation.

The work will establish a consensus strategic growth plan for the business and give support to the business in the implementation of this growth plan in a practical hands on way to yield real benefit in overcoming any obstacles to growth, achieving measurable business growth and profitability.

While this is the standard course length, training can be scaled up/down bespoke to employer needed in terms of length & number of employees trained.


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