Strategic Marketing Intervention Programme

A unique and highly impactful programme, participants in this course will be submerged into a real-world, business specific programme to develop the skills required to running an effective marketing department. Participants will learn the key elements of a successful marketing strategy, linking targets to KPI’s and budgets, followed by tactical management skills support to ensure that programmes are successfully deployed and in-sync with both the marketing and wider annual business strategy.

Following a 1-2 day course and intervention on the client site, the delegate will create an action plan on the back of the learning from the course. Weekly visits to monitor the programme and provide incremental training to increase the efficacy will follow for an 8-week period. During this time, work will be monitored and evaluated with required training provided. The delegate will also have direct access to phone support at any point for the duration of the programme in order to address any questions about the training they are undergoing.

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