Skills for Performance – Higher (H03)

This is a bespoke training support course with content informed by discussion and competency analysis of business and participants.

Content is aimed at achieving business benefit and impact by addressing a number of key development areas including:

Increasing Personal Insight and Personal Awareness

  • Meyers-Briggs type indicators
  • Hogan Development Survey
  • Reflective learning review

Developing an Effective Management Style

  • Situational leadership questionnaire & survey
  • Shackleton’s leadership and management study
  • Comparison of authoritarian, paternalistic, democratic and transformational styles

Developing and Managing High Performance Teams

The nature of team working

  • Belbin Team Typing
  • Team working roles
  • Motivation models (Elton-Mayo/Hawthorne studies)

Understanding Business Strategy

  • Business analysis: PEST, SWOT & Porter
  • 3-year plans (Orbit, & vital few)
  • Six steps to transforming an organisation

Managing and Motivating Teams and Individuals

  • The transition curve (Kubler-Ross, Fisher)
  • Capacity for and resistance to change
  • Different learning styles (Activist, reflector, theorist and pragmatist – strengths and weaknesses)

Coaching for Performance

  • Conflict resolution (Thomas-Kilmann)
  • The Johari window and techniques for opening it
  • The coaching model, coaching flow, 5 elements model


Communicating with Impact

  • Active listening and why people are poor at doing it
  • Transactional analysis and ego states
  • Effective presentations, the Aldershot method, good and bad visual

Further content will also be included and delivered progressively using feedback from the learners, and their developing understanding. This will include specific assignments drawn from, and adding benefit to their organisation and further one to one learning content, informed by any knowledge gaps or weaknesses in knowledge of any individuals in the cohort.

While this is the standard course length, training can be scaled up/down bespoke to employer needed in terms of length & number of employees trained.


Cohort Minimum

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