Selling Professionally

To equip New Business and Account Managers to sell more to new and existing accounts. Defining the selling role. The history and evolution of selling. The importance of emotion and logic in the buying process. Identifying all buying roles. Creating empathy DISC. Overcoming status quo with trigger events and insight. Prospecting for new business. Ideal customer profile. Value messaging. Questioning techniques. Choosing the correct competitive strategy. Qualification. Objection handling. Closing Negotiating.

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Whyy? Change's Offer

WHYY? WE DO OUR THING? We want to support you in transforming your business, and know that won’t be sustained unless people development is at the heart of any solution. WE WANT YOU TO Collaborate with us, navigate our training and transform yourself   WHAT WE DO?  We are an accredited study centre for CMI - Leadership & Management  CIM - Marketing  Pearson Edexcel - Maths & English  Bureau Veritas - Quality HSE  Lean6 - Lean & Six Sigma which gives so many options for the stamp of quality across the qualifications we offer. The businesses we work with are reassured by the high standards we deliver to and the flexibility this gives them when building a course to solve their business problems.   

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