Self Leadership

Your ability to lead yourself first in the current crisis is critical. Unless you can do this effectively you will not be able to lead your organisation and your people successfully.

Self Leadership means taking control of your thinking, your identity, your daily habits and personal effectiveness, along with your personal wellbeing.

As an SME leader or business person, you may well be finding this time of crisis overwhelming, as you seek to keep strong and navigate through the current difficulties and those that lie ahead. The way you lead yourself first, your self leadership, is the most important foundation for you, your teams and your business.

Course outline

  • Techniques to handle negative self talk that can undermine your self esteem
  • Methods to control the anxieties and fears for the future
  • Why you should shift your emphasis from continually doing and shift the way you think and see your world first
  • How to shift your internal and external language to impact on your results
  • Who you are as a leader, who you want to be and how to get there
  • How to use reflection to change your self image
  • How to handle time thieves and focus your time on the most important areas
  • How to lead yourself effectively through habits and routine
  • The importance of taking care of yourself


  • Improved control over your negative inner self talk
  • Reduced anxieties and fears for the future
  • Methods to shift your perspective to impact on your future path
  • Stronger internal language to support your decisions and actions
  • A clear idea of the leader you want to be
  • Stronger management of your time
  • Wellbeing priorities for you personally
  • No more imposter syndrome
  • A path to fulfil your potential as a leader

Who should attend?

SME leaders and owners or business people who:

  • Know they cannot lead their organisations, businesses and people if they are not at their best
  • Question themselves in their leadership role and become undermined by lack of confidence
  • Need clarity in terms of the leader they are and want to become
  • Need coping strategies for stress, anxiety and negative thinking
  • Want to work effectively with strong consistent habits
  • Are concerned that their own health and wellbeing is being neglected

Course delivery

The course will be delivered online with full participation from all attendees. You will be sent a calendar invite along with your link to access the session following receipt of your booking.


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East Midlands Chamber's Offer

Keeping staff development up to date is essential, harnessing skills which are required for businesses growth and progression.  We run a full range of open courses, everything from Director level right through to Information Technology sessions.  A full list is available on this website and can also be found at our website.  We are also a leading provider of Bespoke Training.  Working with our team of dedicated trainers, we are able to design and develop face to face or on-line training sessions to support your teams.  This could be 1-1 through to sessions for up to 15 people.  A dedicated staff member will liaise with you throughout, ensuring all your requirements are met and also completing a quality check with you following the course delivery.  The Chamber is a leading partner for many businesses for their bespoke requirements, supporting over 100 businesses each year to train and develop their staff.  Flexibility is the key to this and with over 30 years experience of developing bespoke training options, you will know you are in safe hands.  


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